Designing your new home is of course exciting, however it can be a real challenge to bring projects in on budget. Is it difficult to find low-cost energy efficient materials which striking designs while keeping your spending at a minumum? That’s just where you will find Carisa very appealing.
Carisa will supply you with an efficient, desierable heating products.
Carisa is a very stylish alternative to those bulky and inefficient panel radiators. It heats up 4 times faster using up to 80% less water.
Carisa will not be a burden on your budget.
Thanks to Carisa you don’t have to face high prices to achieve desierable energy efficiency!
Carisa offers builders a very comfortable solution to manage costs while not sacrificing energy efficiency and style the same! With low-heat sources such as ground source heat pumps Carisa offers an affordable alternative.
With Carisa, your home is ready for the heat sources of the future too, Carisa works efficiently both with traditional heat sources (petroleum, natural gas boilers ) and renewable energy devices (solar energy and heat pumps). Your Carisa Radiators which works today with fossil based fuels is already designed to work equally well with the renewable energy systems of the future.
Carisa will grace your home perfectly.
Since Carisa high efficiency designs provice more heat per square cm than a traditional radiator you save Money and salvage much needed Wall space by being able to use much smaller products to achieve the same heat output. With heights ranging from 200mm to 2000mm , Carisa can even help you make good use of that awkward corner in your room for which there was no practical use.
From bathroom radiators to towel waemers, from chrome to stainless steel models, hundreds of models offered with diverse colour options such as Latte through to a wide array of finishes from chrome to wood, you can even choose your Carisa Radiator to compliment the furnichings in home.
Wish to learn more? Carisa will perfectly serve and assist DIY renovators and professional decorators