A renovation or simply upgrading?
Renovation concepts have moved beyond the simple re decoration and reached the stage where we consider even solar power options.
Are you worried that a simple renovation in your house will turn into an enormous project? Which insulation material to use? Which hi-tech boiler is the best? Or is it going to be solar panels or recycable energy sources. Carisa will solve at least one aspect of this puzzle. How to live in a warm and energy-efficient home without those bulky old radiators.
Carisa will provide a higly efficient product.
Carisa is a very viable alternative to those bulky and inefficient panel radiators . It heats up 4 times faster using up to 80% less water.
Carisa is stylish and elegant

The thing decorators and designers want to change are those unsightly, white panel radiators that occupy too much space. You can of course get rid of those big bulky things and heat up your rooms perfectly too, with smaller more design lead Carisa Radiators. Maybe a low profile Elvino under that window or even an Elvino Bath on that obsolete corner Wall in the bathroom? You can order your Carisa Radiators in special sizes that will just fit into your spaces!
With Carisa, a high efficiency system is easy to assemble too..
Many people prefer condensing combi boilers these days. A Carisa Aluminium Radiator is a perfect match for such systems.
Would you like to learn more? You can learn more about the endless options of size, colours and pricing by Carisa !