For Archıtechts and Designer

Are you planning on achieving elegance and style for a living or soft commercial space?
Sometimes it’s not easy to be stylish and energy efficient at the same time but since it’s an ever growing priority of the customer, the design fort he modern day has to embrace energy efficiency too. Open chimneys are alluring but inefficient. Old fashioned wooden windows are very chic but prone to heat loss. The same goes for radiator covers that hide the plain old ubiquitus panel radiators.All too often preparing a room to meet modern standards, clashes with artistic vision? At Carisa you don’t have to settle for compromises anymore. Style and energy efficiency are two of the cornerstones of Carisa… Your customers can enjoy your artistic vision gracing living spaces while benefiting from lower energy bills thanks to highly efficient heating products.
Carisa Design Radiators supplies faster heat up times
In diverse colours and 21 different models you can tailor your Carisa Radiator to your interior’s exact sizes. In tight places where conventional radiators aren’t possible, Carisa offers narrow models to fit under window sills or free standing radiators that stand on the floor without requiring wall space. Thanks to its highly efficient technology, Carisa radiators can occupy a smaller wall area in your room while providing sufficient heat. You can say goodbye to those ugly old radiators and embrace the new technology aluminium design radiators.

Carisa is a brand you can introduce to your customers with both pride and confidence,

We are be very pleased to offer you the services and options below:
• Great margin opportunities for our professional partners.

• Product planning – Just confirm your plans, requirements or heat outputs and let us do the rest.

• Technical documentation (To support your projects and offers)

• Individual offers for unique customer preferences and budget.