On Aesthetics , Beauty and Luxury

On aesthetics  , beauty and luxury
Aesthetic  stems from the Ancient Greek word  “aestesis”  , meaning  “perceive” . This was first cited by Kant in “ The Philosophy of Mind “ . Aesthetics can be analysed  in three aspects . General aesthetics ,  private aesthetics and history of art . It can be argued that aesthetics is not the technical skills and rules utilised to install beauty into works of art  but the philosophy of the aspects that give the art its beauty . Aesthetics is not a positive science. It has no strict laws or unstrechable boundaries.
In aesthetical works the mind and the genius of the artist , the subjective taste , feelings and  ideals are far greater than the factual reality of the circumstances. Every work of art begins to take shape during the creators emotional  fluctuations  and uproars . This is quite a testimony to the psychological aspect of art . There’s  also a social side to this .Mystical notions of the artist and society , fantastical imagination , the customs and traditions and all collective habits of the times and instics  effect the  subject , meaning and  even the style and technic of the artwork.
It would never occure on the Ancient Greek to consider Aesthetics as an independent science.
Their conception of beauty had merged with morality and political agendas of the day.It was probably most meditated by Plato . Socrates has deemed  beauty as an intricate subject that answered a unique yearning of the human soul. Although regarded as the founder of the Aesthetic Concept, Aristo himself has never dabbled on the subject  much.
17th Century philosophers have given a lot thought on art and the beauty within. 18th Century Germany has seen a bloom age for  the subject . In this era Aesthetics was examined in  many scientific  and serious essays
It has reached a modern definition by Shelling who offered that beauty is the finite reconciling and merging with the infinite. We watch and observe the obliged occurence and the free act , life and concrete matter also the harmonious unity of nature and spirit in the artwork. Beauty is predominantly present in the artist hence genius stems from the reconcilation of these two principals.There’re two aspects  to  euphoria and inspiration , one belonging to nature ant the other to freedom .One is spantenous and the other self aware. Art is a rising of the spirit to the highest point  , the perfect expression of reality and truth by artistic shapings
Perception and enjoying an artwork is directly according to the general level of the society  and aesthetical culture and educational condition of the individual. Beauty is not a concept independent from our emotions.
According to G.Belota (1908) luxury is assesed within a society and class among the  familiar and sought after needs. Therefore , luxury has no boundaries or constant unchangeable forms . Bodrillard points to four principals of luxury in “Historie de Luxe”(1900)

It has also been offered that there’s an ever going race in luxury , that it’s driven more by emotions than reason and logic and stems from a possessive  urge to have what others don’t , rather than an aesthetical excitement  also considered to be an instinctual urge have our economic power approved.( 1)

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Estetik , Sanat ve Guzelligin Felsefesi ( Aesthetics , Art, and the Philosophy of Beauty)- Cemil Sena
Remzi Press- First Printing 1972
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  • Pride ,self respect and boast 2- Perceptional pleasures 3- Physical love , and passion for fortune and ornaments 4-passion for change and the urge to not resist wealth. Fashion is directly the product of this fourth principal  And Boudrillard argues that the art has evolved from those last two principals. In comparasion luxury is only a sub stimulant of art and art is a form of luxury itself. Art does not stem from luxury but art is an important element for  the creation of luxury