Why Carisa?

As Carisa, we choose the best of materials. Our quality control ensures that every product from our facilities is a product we can be proud of. Our products offer the highest and most efficient heat outputs in the industry. Carisa cares about nature. Our products are saving high water and energy. Beyond that, all of our stainless steel products are 100% recyclable and hygienic. With its wide range of products, Carisa has products  suitable for all kinds and can make any size for any place.
Carisa is an industry leader with aesthetic and functional design and endeavors to raise the bar everyday. Carisa is exporting to more than 42 countries, wherever you are in the world, our products will reach you Our products are easy to install they are manufactured to fit anywhere in your living area.
Carisa offers 5 years warranty on steel and aluminum products and 10 years warranty on stainless steel products. We have no doubt about the stability and durability of Carisa products.
Carisa has a world renowned quality certificate and holds many patents.